About Us

Venture Alliances was formed in 1997 in Sydney Australia and has positioned itself as a specialist investment bank, addressing particularly the need of accelerating growth for companies in the “High Tech” space beyond organic growth.

High Tech companies are realising that capital on its own does not guaranty the required growth to outpace their competition. Venture Alliances has developed extensive experience in identifying and selecting strategic partnerships, which can provide the required complementary means (such as market access, skills, IP, or infrastructure) to accelerate the desired growth.Venture Alliances provides essential support to facilitate mergers & acquisitions in the ‘High-Tech’ space.

We evaluate companies with high growth potential and provide access to means, which leverage such growth potential. This includes capital raising, strategic alliances with equity participation, LBOs and MBOs. In most cases this requires extensive management support and involves market analysis, synergy assessment, re-positioning, strategic business planning and coaching.

Our objectives are to create true win – win results for all parties involved. Hence, we build alliances with selected Ventures to improve the success potential.

We also exercise screenings for companies wanting to expand into new markets and arrange financing of expansion plans. Most of these activities include the analysis of synergy effects, strategic positioning as well as facilitating the process of equity transactions.